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Planting design, makeovers and seasonal styling

What ever style and how ever stylish the hard landscaping structure is, it is not complete without good planting. Plants are the last piece in the puzzle and can add to a garden in so many ways. They can soften and complement hard landscaping, be used to add height, depth and architectural structure, define a particular style such as traditional cottage garden or create sensory areas with the use of specific plants with different colours, scents, shapes, how the foliage feels to the touch and even the sound it makes such as tall grasses rustling in the wind These are only a few examples how clever planting design can be used. We are extremely passionate about our plants and our different services can offer you the opportunity to have that perfect garden.

Our varied services can offer solutions to any scenario.

Full planting design

The full planting design is an approach we take for a specific or entire area of a garden in need to a total and inspired change. We design imaginative planting schemes that match your vision and enhance the space to new levels of delight.


You might have an established border that is looking a bit tired or empty in places and needs refreshing, or your budget might not allow you to totally replant. A makeover design is a great way to bring life back to and enhance your current garden.

We will access different aspects of your current plants such as their health, suitability to situation and their association with each other. We can then produce a design that keeps a proportion of your current planting, but introduces new and complementary planting ideas.

Seasonal styling

Even the most established and well-planted gardens might need the help of some seasonal colour or structure We can suggest ideas for plants and bulbs to in-fill and inject some life into your gardens at these times We can also recommend ideas for some sensational seasonal and unusual planters and pots for your terrace or courtyard.

Plant supply

If required we can source, supply and arrange delivery of high quality plants, at competitive prices.

Andrew Farquharson Garden Design