Andrew Farquharson Garden Design


People increasingly recognise the value of gardens and outdoor spaces. Not only are they pleasant places to entertain, relax and grow your favorite plants, but they can also bring the bonus of financial benefit. A well-designed garden can make your property more appealing and could add value to it - the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors puts this figure as possibly up to 5% of the total property value.

For the new or inexperienced gardener, creating a useful and attractive garden can be time-consuming, frustrating and costly. A garden designer can prevent this new experience becoming a daunting process of disappointed expectations.

A well-trained and qualified garden designer will use technical knowledge, a wealth of botanical experience and creative instincts to incorporate all of your desired functions into a garden that is practical and pleasurable. They can also help prevent costly mistakes in the process.


  • Introduce materials, surfaces and concepts that you may not know about or have not considered
  • Introduce colours, interest and structure throughout the seasons by selecting plants that suit your garden style and conditions
  • Ensure appropriate hard landscaping materials are used and correct construction methods employed
  • Incorporate or eliminate elements in an existing garden such as slopes, storage, drainage, privacy and open aspects
  • Ensure the garden incorporates all of your practical needs as well as looking good
  • Industry knowledge of reliable and reputable contractors and suppliers
  • Project management of garden build
  • Save money in the long term by avoiding costly mistakes

By using Andrew Farquharson Garden Design you could not be in better hands. We will use all of our expansive knowledge of design techniques, plants, construction and materials to produce a truly dynamic space to fulfill your individual needs.


Andrew Farquharson Garden Design